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Principal Global Investors is a truly global investment management business providing a single point of access to a family of world-class investment boutiques. The independent knowledge of our boutiques allows us to offer a range of funds in both developed and emerging markets across the asset class spectrum. Our diverse range of asset managers with distinct investment specialties is available to family offices, wealth managers, intermediaries, and institutional investors.

Today, we manage 437.0 billion USD of assets (as of 30 March 2020) on behalf of a broad range of investors from all over the world.
In 2010 we have signed the Principles for Responsible investments (PRI) with a long-standing commitment.

Our real estate business is focused on four quadrants with a 360o view on real estate investing: public equity, private equity, public debt, and private debt. We provide focused expertise through dedicated teams in each quadrant. We manage 78.6 billion USD in assets under management as of March 2020.

Public Equity: Since 1997, we have used our expert knowledge of the various commercial real estate security property sectors and regions to exploit market inefficiencies and generate alpha for our clients. We boast a very stable and proven portfolio management team that has historically generated outperformance across market cycles.
Our real estate securities team uses fundamental research to analyse and invest in securities issued by real estate-related companies. Combine that with the insights from our in-house private real estate professionals and equity analysts, and the result is a higher conviction in a company’s performance potential—an important ingredient to help clients achieve the outcomes they want.

In Real Estate Investment Trust Securities we manage in total 14.8 billion USD where 8.8 billion are invested into Global Real Estate Securities on different vehicle types where we have served clients globally in over 20 years with consistent investment results.

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